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Centralized Automatic Voltage Regulator

Stabimatic Ltd UK



STABIMATIC CO.LTD, Manchester (U.K.) has inherited the skill & technology from the parent company at Tokyo, Japan which had to be dissolved during 1980 for being cost ineffectiveness. In 1996 the company was re-organized with base at U.K and the production facilities at Taiwan & China. The assembling of STABIMATIC products are carried our under our strict supervision.

The core of our customer comes from the developing countries of Asia, Africa, South & Central Americas where the electric power irregularities have grown to an epidemic proportions. These include Thailand, Myanmar, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, Tanzania, Ghana etc

Our products include : Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) - commonly called Voltage Stabilizers, Variable Transformers, Ultra Isolation Transformers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), AC-DC/DC-AC Inverters, Generators and various accessories like Maintenance Free Batteries, Energy Meters, Surge Protectors etc.

We are primarily an export oriented company and prefer to market our products through our approved distributors. We strictly believe in Service-After sales for STABIMATIC products. Distributors are required to back our WARRANTY with parts. Therefore, STABIMATIC has gained the confidence of end users. The market share of our products in various countries is substantial and is steadily growing.

With a history of excellence we have been able to procure ISO9002 and other international certifications.

We, however, sincerely welcome entrepreneurs from far and wide to join hands with us and be part of our success.

STABIMATIC® is a registered trade mark, registered with the Trade Marks Registry of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. The imitators are warned against its misuse.


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